The topics for the 2019 Student Essay Contest have been announced. Questions regarding essay rules may be sent to

Statewide winners in each age group receive $50.00 from the Virginia Division. The Fincastle Chapter also will award $10.00 to the best essay in each age group.

This year’s essay topics are:

4-6TH GRADE  Fortress Monroe-Its History, Its Story

7-9TH GRADE  Robert E. Lee’s Service to the United States before 1861

10-12 GRADE   Hunter Holmes McGuire, Confederate States of America Service & His Accomplishments after the War Between the States

DEADLINE IS APRIL 15, 2019 (postmark). No late essays can be accepted.

Essays must be handwritten or typed, neatly, on 8 ½” x 11” paper.

  1. Maximum of 1,000 words. Write the number of words in upper right hand corner of page 1 of essay.
  2. Use “War Between the States” rather than “Civil War” unless quoting directly from a source.
  3. Web sites are acceptable sources, but at least one book must be used as a source.
  4. Use footnotes where needed.
  5. Include a bibliography listing the reference material used to write the essay.
  6. Sign essay with a fictitious name.
  7. Include a title page with tile of essay, fictitious name, and age division.
  8. Attach an envelope with the fictitious name and grade in school written on the outside. Inside the envelope on a card, include your true name, address, name of school, grade in school, the fictitious name that you used, and the name of the sponsoring UDC Chapter (Fincastle Chapter 797).
  9. Essay should be mailed to the Fincastle Chapter 797 and must be postmarked by APRIL 15, 2019.

Fincastle Chapter 797 UDC, P.O. Box 31, Daleville, VA 24083-0031

The Fincastle Chapter will submit all qualifying essays to the Virginia Division Chairman of Historic Work with Students by May 1, 2018. Division winners will be announced at the Virginia Division Convention in October 2019.




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