The Virginia Division and General Divison of the UDC offer a number of scholarships to college students.

Scholarship candidates for General Division scholarships are sponsored by local Chapters and scholarship application forms are available only through local UDC Chapters. Specific criteria must be met in order to qualify for these scholarships. For more information on the General Division scholarships, visit: and scrolled down the list on the left of the screen to the “Scholarships” tab.

The Virginia Division UDC also offers a number of scholarships to residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia for use in Virginia schools, colleges, and universities. The amount of each scholarship awarded or reawarded will depend on the income earned on scholarship investment funds. Students who apply for scholarships through Virginia Division are asked to comply with specific rules for applying and to help the UDC in promoting its educational work among lineal descendants of Confederate Veterans, present or former members of the Children of the Confederacy, members of the UDC, and children of UDC members (living or deceased). For more information on the Virginia Division scholarships, visit and scroll down on the list on the left to the  “Scholarship Opportunities” tab.

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