omni_richmond_hotel_aThe 121st Annual General Convention of the UDC was held November 6-10 at the Omni Hotel in Richmond, Virginia. The Virginia Division was delighted once again to host our sisters from around the country!

On Friday, November 7, Teresa Roane, Archivist at the UDC Headquarters, spoke at the Magazine luncheon. Ms. Roane’s lecture focused on the importance of preserving our archives, letters, pictures, and other artifacts. She read from several moving wartime letters that revealed the thoughts of the men who fought and their families left back home.



IMG_5811Virginia Division Suzie Snyder presents

the Virginia Flag to Vice President Pam Trammell.


On Monday, November 10, new officers for the 2014-2016 term were elected. They are:

President General – Mrs. Harold Jay Trammell

Vice President General –    Mrs. George W. Bryson

Second Vice President General –   Ms. Nelma Crutcher

Third Vice President General –    Mrs. James H. Conner

Recording Secretary General –   Mrs. Roderick A. Gyorke

Treasurer General –    Mrs. James A. Knuth

Registrar General –   Mrs. Franklin L. Woodruff

Historian General   Mrs. James Q. Woodlock

Recorder General of Military Service Awards –    Mrs. Tom W. Brown


Appointed Officers also have been named.

Next year’s General Convention will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina.